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What Do They Do At Chrysler 300 Meets? Find Out Below
Chrysler 300 Club International Fall Meet Recap

By John Hertog

Hi, there...
For y'all who didn't, couldn't, or wouldn't make it to the meet,
here's a brief recap so you don't feel too left out..

I left Long Island with a brief stop at the Laiserin's to do some
parts hauling; seems Mike was cleaning out and Don Cole became the
recipient... an easy ride to Penna, and spent the night at Don's;
Next morning, Don and Pat pulled out the K convert and off we went..
Jeff and Dee Miklas met us in a rest area down the road, with the
Hemi Hurst; and right into the rain we drove...

The first three days of the meet were drizzly and cloudy; as soon as
the rain let up, out came the rags to clean up and polish the cars; only
to be followed by new showers; I took Doug Mayer, Don Verity,and Mother
Armadillo-Driscoll to the Frankenmuth mall (quite a crew!) for some
serious shopping; that evening we all headed to the Lueth's for
a pleasant, low keyed time.

T'was on the way back from the meet that Don Cole decided to do
battle with a 5.0 Mustang... the roads up there are straight and
unencumbered...Don, with Pat in the car, feeling he should uphold the
honor of the marque, put the proverbial pedal to the metal. Seems that
at somewhere around 120 mph, the K experienced severe athmospheric
decompression: the convertible top blew off! The center section
disappeared into the night, leaving Don and Pat exposed to the drizzle;
since it was totally pitch black dark, Don didn't exactly immediately
understand what had happened; but sticking his arm straight up sure made
him aware quickly: it encountered nothing but the night air.

Needless to say, as Don pulled up to the hotel, he had to park under the
marquee as it was then once again raining...and where he was subjected
to constant razzing by others returning from the luau. George Riehl
walked up and nearly lost it when he eyeballed the "K" !!! Needless to
say, I don't have to explain who got the hard luck award this year..

The Viper/Prowler tour was a huge success, the line was stopped
and we got to walk in between cars on the line, touch anything, etc..
There were three-four yellow Prowlers there that we weren't supposed to
take pictures of... think we all did!

The rest of the weekend was uneventful; the skies finally cleared
up for Sunday and we enjoyed a perfect day for the show and judging;
The surprise was that Chrysler shipped us the Atlantic for the day;
what a beauty that car is!

All in all, a pleasant weekend spent among friends, with good much
good times, plenty of late night action in the hotel bar (all
parking lot hanging out pretty much got rained out) and in the
hospitality room.

I'll leave out the results of the concours, it'll give you all
something to read about when the Club News comes out.
Yours truly once again drove the '62 Sport; never got the time to
work on the "F" this summer. The '62, with 2:76 gears for the trip,
was a real pleasure on the highway; I too must confess to a few
supersonic blasts, but my roof being of the hardtop variety fortunately
remained safely in place...

And that's the way it was...